New Modern Abstract art

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Modern abstract artwork on canvas for office and home decor.


Every time I start painting abstract artwork, I never knew how I'm going to finish it. To me abstract is abstract the process and paint the unusual, using my energy through colour application, feeling freedom without fear to paint in any direction, building and seeing through layers of bright beautiful colour, black, yellow, different blue, white and the queen red. Furthermore it, subduing brush strokes to elevate my performance in painting and creating interesting abstract composition. 

This abstract artwork, should be the focal point of your walls in any interiors. I won't put this artwork in the home and building decor category only but I will extended to be the perfect fit for art lovers and art collectors how want to own a very unique modern abstract artwork that make them happy and proud owner of it when ever they looked at it.  

Have a happy abstract artistic life 

Artist Eiman Muiny 

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