Welcome to my Gallery; I dedicate this page to showcase my realistic oil painting artwork. these are the ones I worked hard on them to choosing the subject matter and to mastering my performance in painting them. I won't stop learning and searching to find the best and to implement with the best materials and techniques as a result of years of studying, travelling, attending workshops, taking courses. 

Each one of them took hundred of hours to plan and paint and then finish. subject matter base on my daily experience and the message I wanted to send through these painting. 

Please, if you have any question in regards of these paintings,

You contact the Artist Eiman Muiny at 

or at Tel: 9052396992

You can request to visit our office in Pickering, Ontario, Canada , to see the painting in person. 

Or go to the contact page and fill up the form and I will get back to you in the nearest soon.

I accept special order under the clients requirement for portrait, interior, Landscape, Still Life ( painting their belonging ). 

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Happy painting!


Artist Eiman Muiny 

Tel: 9052396992


For the victory

For the Victory, Oil painting on Canvas. 72" X 48" 


 Storm after the fall

Storm After The Fall, oil painting on wood, 48" X 48" 



The Fall

 The Fall, Oil painting on Canvas, 72" X 48" 



The Rebel

 The Rebel, Oil painting on wood 30" X 30". 



Gone off

 Gone Off, Oil painting on wood 30" X 30". 



Life on Fur

 Life on Fur, Oil painting on Canvas, 48" X 48". 



Forever Spring

 Forever Spring, Oil painting, 72" X 48". 


Gorgeous Blue

 Gorgeous Blue, Oil painting on wood, 72" X 48". 


The Peacock, Oil painting on Canvas 67" X 47" 


Queen's Dance, Oil painting on wood, 72" X 48"